Howabout’s Camping tips

Useful tips, and stupid ideas about camping, as well as reviews of campsites we’ve stayed at too. Camping in the UK can be challenging due to the unpredictability of our weather.

Camp fire is set up ready to light

Our choices for preferable camping experiences are:

  • Get to choose where we pitch ie field, not given a number for a squared-off patch
  • Able to have campfires, either raised off the ground, or in readymade wheel rims, a brilliant idea, every campsite should allow campfires for families. Once the kids have toasted their marshmallows and are in bed you can sit around the fire in the dark and keep warm while enjoying a few beers
  • A beautiful view
  • Sea, river, or lake nearby for watery walks or paddling
  • Not near a main road or town

Camping with fires is the best

  • Don’t forget to take long skewers for marshmallows to avoid burnt fingers
  • A Light my Fire is one of our camping essentials, it’s a flint to strike in combination with vaseline and cotton wool to start off the kindling.
  • Keep water close by just in case the wind blows the sparks too close to your tent
  • For a site which requires a raised campfire take three or four bricks to boost your firepit or bucket up, or just a square stone slab
  • Don’t forget that marshmallows melt really REALLY quickly, or burn
  • Sweetcorn cooks well in its own leaves
  • Baked tats cook better with butter in foil, close to the flames but not IN the flames

All your clothes stink of smoke when you get home so be prepared to wash EVERYTHING!

Do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t forget to check the levels in your gas canisters, no cup of hot tea in the morning is a bit of a drag
  • Don’t forget your torches and lights
  • Don’t forget spare batteries or pump
  • Don’t bother with electricity
  • Do have fun and relax
  • Do take friends with you
  • Do remember spare toilet roll, just in case!
  • Chocolate heals all
  • Medical kit
  • Do remember extra blankets, even summer nights can be chilly in the UK
  • Don’t forget the wine

Camping with children can be challenging when it comes to toilets. We got a Luggaloo which is fab when used with cat litter for desperate times at festivals when the morning queues for the portaloos just aren’t child-friendly. Also, a very good friend of mine gave me a Travel John kit for emergencies. I haven’t tested it yet but I will no doubt have the opportunity soon.

Fire pits